How to Turn your Old Negatives into a Memorable Piece of Furniture


Nowadays, people have been immersing into the Digital Age. Because of the arrival of high tech and digital cameras, analog cameras are now things of the past. Many people still use analog and “lomo” cameras as a hobby, but more people prefer to use digi-cams because of its “ease of use”.

A lot of us find old negatives stashed into cabinets, drawers and boxes. Some may just put it in the garbage, but some doesn’t have the heart to throw it away. I am one sentimental kind of person, so when I found my piled up 35mm negatives, I thought of a way to “up cycle” it.

Create a Thing of Beauty from Trash

Things you’ll need:

Cross stitch needle and thread

Small sized craft rings (optional)

35mm film negatives

Lamp Shade Frame

How To:

Rip out the fabric from the lamp

Start stitching the negatives to the frame using the cross stitch needle and thread

Continue till it’s long enough to cover the part of the lamp needed

Stitch a line of negative to the bottom of the frame

Use the small sized craft rings to connect negatives from the top to the bottom frame (optional)

The Outcome

This DIY lamp shade is very cheap and easy to make. It’s a great way to test your creativity and personalize your lamp shade without spending a lot of money.


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