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Gadgets that will Get You Really Excited about 2014

The Microsoft Xbox One, the Sony PlayStation 4, and the iPhone 5s are just some of the things that made 2013 a great year. So how about 2014? Well, to put it simply, 2014 is definitely more exciting than the last, what with all the upcoming gadgets expected to arrive this year. 1. Hitachi G-Drive […]



Pump Up the New Year with these Great Ideas for a Perfect Menu

Tired of the same old New Year’s Eve dinner or party recipes? If so, then here are some great ideas for a perfect menu that will surely pump up your New Year.   1. Sweet and Spicy Cola Glazed Ham with Cheddar Biscuits These two are perfect for each other. Best of all, you won’t […]


15 Uncommon Gifts for Music Lovers

    Need help shopping for gifts for the music lovers in your life? Then you’re on the right page as we surely have you covered with this list of unique, interesting, and functional gift ideas for those who can’t live without music.   1. Mixtape Glasses ($50, around PHP 2,100.00) These Mixtape Glasses offer […]


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Top Tips to Beat the Stressful Christmas Rush

Every year, there comes a time wherein signs that one, if not the most celebrated holiday around the world is near – Christmas. You will notice these indications in the form of extremely long queues at the cashier, shoppers (possibly including you) losing their temper, and stores making tons of money. If you are tired […]



14 Fun Holiday Treats and Desserts to Make With Your Kids

    At loss for ideas on what to serve your kids during this holiday season? Then you may want to try one, two, or all of these 14 fun holiday treats and desserts that your kids can help out with.   1. Snowmen Cake Pops Definitely much cozier and easier to make than the […]



How to Turn your Old Negatives into a Memorable Piece of Furniture

Nowadays, people have been immersing into the Digital Age. Because of the arrival of high tech and digital cameras, analog cameras are now things of the past. Many people still use analog and “lomo” cameras as a hobby, but more people prefer to use digi-cams because of its “ease of use”. A lot of us […]


Creative Ideas to Make your Kids Love their Nutritious Vegetables

One of the most difficult things for parents like us is to make our kids eat their veggies. There are even some occasions wherein we can get into fights with them because they push aside the greens (or veggies in general) on their plates. So if you are having some problems making them eat healthier, […]