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ALGORITMO is back with a new lineup of visual artists and musicians this coming July 15 at the Baguio Garden Theater. ALGORITMO is an audiovisual art performance event, organized by a group of young Baguio artists from various affiliations. It focuses on digital and electronic methods of the 21st century, merged with the fundamentals of […]


Five Signs That You Might Be a Beer Geek

The term “geek” has undergone a lot of evolution in recent years. It’s become almost sexy to be labeled as a geek in many circles. Geekdom has come to the world of beer, as well – beer geeks are a special breed. Are you one? Here are five signs that you might be! Strong Beer […]


Eat Your Way To A More Productive You

We’ve known for some time now that what we eat generally makes us to an extent what we are. Every human being is a biological system that is built and maintained by the basic types of fuel that we allow into our systems. We are unlike a mechanical machine though that has no say in […]


How Your Workspace and Activities Can Affect Your Work Productivity

  Clear head equals clear thinking leading to great work results. Keeping your work space free of clutter helps productivity. This does not mean that a work space should be limited strictly to the bare essentials. Having things around you that inspire or relax you do not only keep stress at bay but this also […]


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15 Awesome Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

  “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” – Jim Valvano   Show your love and appreciation to your dad by making this year’s Father’s Day fun and memorable. Check out The Clutter Shop’s affordable gift ideas for the hip and geeky dad.   1. Retro […]


15 Heat-Busting Bites that are Perfect for Summer

Summer is finally here and what better way to beat the heat than by indulging in some frozen delectables. It’s the time of the year to let your oven take a break and recuperate while your freezer does all the work. Here are some recipes of icy goodness that you can try at home to […]


’90s Films That Can Make (or Break) Your Hearts

Ever notice how romantics in their mid-20s to mid-30s have such high expectations of grand gestures of love? With Valentine’s just around the corner, these movies have in a way set the standard (or brainwashed) many into believing that these actions define love. In the spirit of the holiday of “Be Mines”, flowers, and chocolates […]


Gadgets that will Get You Really Excited about 2014

The Microsoft Xbox One, the Sony PlayStation 4, and the iPhone 5s are just some of the things that made 2013 a great year. So how about 2014? Well, to put it simply, 2014 is definitely more exciting than the last, what with all the upcoming gadgets expected to arrive this year. 1. Hitachi G-Drive […]



Pump Up the New Year with these Great Ideas for a Perfect Menu

Tired of the same old New Year’s Eve dinner or party recipes? If so, then here are some great ideas for a perfect menu that will surely pump up your New Year.   1. Sweet and Spicy Cola Glazed Ham with Cheddar Biscuits These two are perfect for each other. Best of all, you won’t […]


15 Uncommon Gifts for Music Lovers

    Need help shopping for gifts for the music lovers in your life? Then you’re on the right page as we surely have you covered with this list of unique, interesting, and functional gift ideas for those who can’t live without music.   1. Mixtape Glasses ($50, around PHP 2,100.00) These Mixtape Glasses offer […]


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