15 Uncommon Gifts for Music Lovers



Need help shopping for gifts for the music lovers in your life? Then you’re on the right page as we surely have you covered with this list of unique, interesting, and functional gift ideas for those who can’t live without music.


1. Mixtape Glasses ($50, around PHP 2,100.00)


These Mixtape Glasses offer a fabulous and colourful way to keep track of drinks as well as what each glass contains. For more info, click here.


2. Mason Jar Speaker and Amplifier ($65, around PHP 2,730.00)


Yes, this speaker/amplifier-in-a-jar is small and portable, but you’ll be surprised at just how big the sound it produces is. It’s perfect for those who are always on the go but can’t go a day without hearing their favorite tracks. Find out more by clicking here.


3. Pick Punch ($25, around PHP 1,050.00)


This great item helps make certain that new guitar picks will never be out of reach again. Get more details here.


4. Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses ($65, around PHP 2,730.00)


Crystal-clear notes plus a delightful tasting beverage: what more can you ask for? Click here for more details.


5. Cedar Thumb Pianos ($25 to $50, around PHP 1,050.00 to PHP 2,100.00)


A small instrument that is big in musical tradition. For more information, click here.


6. Ticket Stub Diary ($12, around PHP 500.00)


This gift will allow the recipient to preserve his or her precious memories of gigs, concerts, and other events in a small diary featuring acid-free pages. Find out more here.


7. Record Bowls ($25, around PHP 1,050.00)


These are recycled LPs transformed into useful, fun, and decorative bowls. Numerous options to choose from, including Rock & Roll, Crooner, 80’s, Disco, Hip Hop, Jazz, Folk, R&B, and Diva bowls. Here’s the link for more details.


8. Make Your Own Ukelele Kit ($40, around PHP 1,680.00)


This DIY Hawaiian guitar is not only easy to make; it’s also very customizable with various wood stains, paint colors, and decorations. Get more information here.


9. Record Clock ($38, around PHP 1,590.00)


This handmade item maintains the tradition of LPs while also functioning as a timepiece. Get more details here.


10. Recycled Record Bookends ($40, around PHP 1,680.00)


Perfect for music and book lovers! Click here for more info.


11. Retro Vinyl Coasters (PHP 490.00, around  $12)

These coasters will definitely be hit among music lovers. For more details on these gift items, click here.


12. Guitar String Bracelets ($10, around PHP 420.00)


These bad-ass bracelets are made from real guitar strings and they come in a variety of colors. The bracelets are made with lead-free materials including nickel and brass so even those with sensitive skin will enjoy wearing them. Click here for more information.


13. Soda Can Speaker ($45, around PHP 1,890.00)


Empty soda cans have been recycled and transformed into these colorful, funky, and portable speakers. They can also be used as amplifiers for electric and bass guitars. Find out more by clicking here.


14. Guitar Serving Board ($38, around PHP 1,590.00)


Whether the recipient is in a hardcore band, a folk enthusiast, or a devotee to classical music, you’re sure to wow him or her with this very special item that has been lovingly handcrafted. To get more info, click here.


15. iBamboo iPhone Speaker ($29, around PHP 1,050.00)


Amplifiers are designed to boost up sound, making it bigger and better. And with this handcrafted bamboo speaker dock manufactured only from all-natural materials, not only will you enjoy more oomph; you’re also on your way to becoming more environmentally-friendly. Get more information here.










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