15 Awesome Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Photo from: http://secondchancedad.com/home/attachment/father-and-son/


“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” – Jim Valvano


Show your love and appreciation to your dad by making this year’s Father’s Day fun and memorable. Check out The Clutter Shop’s affordable gift ideas for the hip and geeky dad.


1. Retro Vinyl Coasters (550 PHP)


2. Conair Water Resistant Shower Radio (480 PHP – on sale!)


3. Game of Thrones Houses – Set of 14 Fridge Magnets (680 PHP)


and Shot Glass Set (600 PHP)


4.  Tetris Constuctible Desk Lamp Light (1,480 PHP)



5. Star Wars Flashdrive (520 PHP)


Boba Fett Flashdrive



Darth Vader Flashdrive



R2D2 Flashdrive



Yoda Flashdrive



Darth Maul Flashdrive



Storm Trooper Flashdrive



6. Get The Hint – Loud and Clear (380 PHP)

– Helps them get their point across loud and clear.



7.  The Walking Dead: The Board Game (1,680 PHP)



and Bottle Cap Magnet (100 PHP)



8. Universal Clip On Lens by Camkix (1,280 PHP)

For the photography-loving dad. Three awesome lenses that will help them get the most out of mobile photography



9. Mini Crock Pot (580 PHP)

– Perfect for small meals and allows food to cook even if they’re not at home.



10. Bacon Themed Adhesive Band Aids (350 PHP)

-BACON. Need I say more?



and Bacon Soap in Tin (380 PHP)



11. Housework Distribution Dice (100 PHP)

– A great way to settle housework related arguments.



12. Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass (250 PHP)



13. CTRL ALT DEL Keyboard Cup Set (220 PHP)

– Comes in two colors: Black and White



14. Armor Beanies (250 PHP)




15. 3D Glasses (120 PHP)



Aside from the gifts mentioned above, nothing beats spending time together and thanking them personally. Write a letter, cook their favorite food, go to the movies or whatever things your dad has in mind. Remember, being a dad is a full time job. We only have one day a year to show them how grateful we are. Happy Father’s Day!

Father & son photo taken from Second Chance Dad.


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