14 Fun Holiday Treats and Desserts to Make With Your Kids




At loss for ideas on what to serve your kids during this holiday season? Then you may want to try one, two, or all of these 14 fun holiday treats and desserts that your kids can help out with.


1. Snowmen Cake Pops


Definitely much cozier and easier to make than the real thing. For the recipe, click here.


2. Sugar Cookie Christmas Trees

gingerbread Christmas tree 021 2 3

If you do not want to buy a lot of different colored icings, you can just coat the cookies with plain white frosting and then decorate them with sprinkles. Here’s the full recipe.


3. Rice Krispie Treat Wreaths


These quick and easy to make Rice Krispie Treat Wreaths will definitely add a festive feel to your Christmas dinner. Instructions here.


4. Melting Snowmen Christmas Cookie Balls


Aside from only having to spend 30 minutes on preparing these fun Christmas treats, you just need four different ingredients to make them. For the instructions, click here.


5. 3D Cookie Christmas Tree

Tree pic done

Want to have a Christmas tree that you and the rest of the family can eat? If so, then make sure that you try out this 3D Cookie Christmas Tree recipe.


6. Rice Krispie Christmas Tree


Here’s another great idea for an edible Christmas tree. To know how to make the Rice Krispie Christmas tree with your kids, click here.

7. Chocolate and Cherry Clusters



Chocolates and cherries make a great combination, which is why this Chocolate and Cherry Clusters recipe is a must try these holidays.


8. Christmas Tree Ice Cream Cones


Ever wondered what you could use those left over ice cream cones for other than ice cream? If yes, the simple answer is Christmas Tree Ice Cream Cones! Here’s the easy and kid-friendly recipe


9. Christmas Pretzel Buttons

cmas buttons

Possibly the hardest step you need to take to make these very cute Christmas Pretzel Buttons is unwrapping all of those Hershey’s Kisses you need (and stopping your kids from popping them into their mouths). For the complete recipe, click here.


10. Christmas Tree Pizza Treats


Your kids will definitely love decorating (not to mention eating) this one-of-a-kind, healthy, and edible Christmas tree. Learn how to make this fun holiday treat here.


11. Christmas Pretzel Sticks

Christmas Pretzels 1

For a more holiday feel, use white chocolate to dip your pretzel sticks into instead of using regular chocolate. For the complete Christmas Pretzel Sticks recipe, click here.


12. Strawberry Santa Claus


Can’t get enough of strawberries? Then this recipe is definitely for you! Your kids will love helping out in making these cute little Santa Clauses. Instructions here.


13. Southern Snow Cream


Having a hard time having your kids come in out of the snow? If so, then this so-easy-to-make treat is just right for the Holiday season. Click here for the recipe.


14. Easy Gingerbread House


If you have various candies in your cupboard, you may want to create this fabulous gingerbread house with your kids. For the complete instructions, click here.





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